$40.00 USD or more

New Moon January 2023 Soul's Intentions Workshop

This is the WORKSHOP RECORDING 1 hour and 35 minutes on January 18th, 2023.

Techniques are given to practice and integrate the change in your life from this workshop.

Workshop testimonial..

"On my initial list of intentions I included good health. 

On the second list of intentions I got instruction regarding letting go. Yesterday I had an intuitive thought that came out of "nowhere." I have a medical condition and have had to urinate more frequently at night and have had headaches during the day. The thought was, "I've been eating a lot of spinach. I need to look up spinach." Spinach is the number one food with the highest amount of oxalates."  - the result is their health is on the mend because of a COGNITION as a result of doing THIS WORKSHOP.

We fuse the new moon cycle creative energies, delve deep into your guidance system with our unique proven techniques that transcend beyond the norm.
Go with the flow…of energies. Let’s take the creative power of the new moon to bring forth your deepest intentions and goals for this upcoming calendar year. Not your normal surface-level visualization workshop! We fuse the planetary energies with our own desires for extremely powerful results. All are welcome to attend. 

You will:

Learn about the current energies of this New Moon for the higher good of all.

Learn about the 2023 energies compared to 2022 and the group's collective energies for the highest intentions.

Dive deep into the goals desired for both practical, emotional and spiritual expansion for each individual and as a group.

Participate with instruction of awareness techniques led by Aware Meditation Inc. founder Paula Newman.

Join in a group led meditation.

Develop your intentions further to become realized in 2023.

Access the astrological energies to your advantage.Given home practice techniques to implement your intentions into daily life.