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Creative Visualization Online Workshops

Most Creative Visualization is taught from the ego mind rather than the Soul. This is a workshop I developed to access the Soul’s inner desires, easily and effortlessly bringing REMARKABLE RESULTS.

This workshop is taught in a practical, down to earth manner keeping our attention on the realistic elements of creative visualization.

In this workshop you will:

Learn the ancient truths behind creative visualization

SECRETS of the reason people fails

Obstacle removal preventing results

Beginning practices to apply in your daily routine without effort

Develop your first goal of creative visualization

Meditation followed by Creative Visualization practice

Program includes;


Follow up session 4 weeks after this session with the group.


Most creative visualization workshops fail
 here’s why…

Underlying issues pull you back

This results in:

Charm to achieve the goal fading 

Results are not seen fast enough


And life goes on till the next year.

Ultimately, there is no shift in consciousness which prevents the new habit (which is tethered to deep rooted patterns), the inability to be sustainable.


MOST Manifesting and Creative Visualization practices produce the same results. That is because they are missing several key elements. We provide those secret elements during our course.

 $8k manifested by student

$14k manifested by student

All within four months of taking the workshop!



Taught by Paula Newman,  grounded in ancient principles from Vedic wisdom has during COVID19; created a non profit, published a book, produced 3 entertainment events via livestream/and partially live, hosted 2 marathon livestreams (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Periscope) with guests from around the globe, began a YouTube talk show all while maintaining a voice over /comedy career in the entertainment industry and living in chronic pain with restrictive physical capabilities and limited financial resources. All this, is too much for most individuals, but with financial and physical restrictions, how has this rocket of productively occurred during the last 14 months? This first workshop opens you up to her unique integration of creative visualization techniques, Vedic wisdom, personal cognitions during the journey and simple practices you can implement without strain or struggle.

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