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Our Story

We became an official nonprofit organization in January 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world.  Our Founder Paula Newman came to meditation as part of an underrepresented group within the wellness community. Throughout her years of experience as a Vedic Meditation teacher, predominantly providing accessible courses for marginalized groups she felt the call to expand in a global format teaching large numbers in addition to her individual courses.  Paula felt that global accessibility must be available to all -- not just those who can afford it.  

We foster the spirit of self sufficiency, honesty, inclusivity, creativity and joy in all of our offerings. We endeavor to inspire our community to listen to their own inner voice and rise to their fullest authentic self.

We care deeply about our community of students and teachers. Students receive a lifetime of support after learning any of our practices. Vedic Meditation teachers from around the globe are given a platform to expand their student base and provide the highest quality of service in our outreach programs. 

Aware Meditation offers a variety of programs to unite the meditation community and elevate the global consciousness. 


Our Amazing Team 

Our amazing team is 100% composed of underrepresented or marginalized groups, including women, BIPOC (black, indigenous persons of color), LGBTQ+ community members, individuals with physical and mental disabilities and immigrants.  All members adhere to our code of ethics.

Ashley Ware,  CEO Volunteer

She was our first student at 6 years old and has never missed a day. A star of many of our young and teen videos and an ambassador to meditation during family introductions to the practice. She attests that meditation has helped her with school bullying, academic stress, ADD, creativity and increased her intuition. She is our hope in the new generation as our youngest board member, holding our vision moving forward. Our video editor and all online software Guru. She is currently at USC in the video game design program in the School of Cinematic Arts.

Channing Press, Vedic Meditation Teacher

Vedic Meditation teacher, yoga and Reiki instructor, she was moved to work with Aware Meditation Inc. with branching out to underrepresented groups in the community. Based in Denver, Colorado she has been instrumental in forwarding Aware Meditation to realize it’s inaugural teaching.

Female, brown hair Paula Jane Newman

Paula Jane Newman, Founder

Paula is known as, “the Real Deal’. Her honesty and integrity precedes her. She is our lead meditation teacher, immigrant to the United States and first-generation college student, she graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with College Honors. She is a chronic pain warrior for over 20 years and sought meditation after experiencing a work-related injury due to repetitive computer/office work as an alternative to long term pain management without using pharmaceutical drugs. Her training took over 6,500 hours including spending time in Rishikesh, India. She is a Vinyasa trained Yoga instructor, prolific voice over artist, motivational speaker and comic. Author of Vedic Meditation Stories ebook, the only publication with real stories from underrepresented groups about the practice, her accent, vocal work and compassion living in physical pain brings a unique, relatable, and fun teaching environment. She has appeared as  on CBS’ GoodDay Sacramento, ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap (as George Hamilton’s meditation teacher), The Psychologym Podcast, Mental Happiness Hour Podcast, The Boss Life Balance Podcast, VivaGlam Magazine, Courageous Women’s Magazine to name a few media highlights. She has spoken at sobriety conventions, pain management centers and businesses and invited to the Cambridge University Press’ Bio Ethics in Education conference to workshop Getting to Yes with medical students and doctors regarding prejudice within the medical field of BIPoC patients.

Willie Ware Jr., CFO

Willie found Vedic Meditation over 13 years ago after practicing many techniques and experienced immediate results with improved sleep, more energy and awareness. He is an advocate of meditation for underrepresented groups.

Jane Potelle, Board Secretary

Jane is head of development at TimeFrame Entertainment, a local representative, and a community organizer. Commissioner of the Glendale Parks, Recreation & Community Services Board, steering committee member of the Glendale Environmental Coalition, and a former board member of the Glendale College Parent Education Association, Jane seeks out community based organizations focused on advancing equity, providing educational opportunities, and unifying collectives.

"This practice has shown immediate results, I highly recommend this to anyone."
- Kelly H.