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Fundraising and Events

Our new non profit organization began during the spread of COVID19. We were limited in our ability to provide in person teaching but took the opportunity to provide online wellness and entertainment events. Many were free and others fundraisers for the running of the non profit and outreach programs. Please visit our Donate page to support us financially.

Aware Meditation Stress Reduction Marathon Livestream

Hosted on Saturday November 7th, 2020 by Aware Meditation Inc. Non Profit with 12 speakers/workshops of stress reduction modalities including Vedic Meditation - Paula Jane Newman founder of Aware Meditation Inc. and Channing Press  founder of Piece of Peace Meditation.   Click the image below to watch a playback of the event.

Cosmic Comedy Show

The inaugural International Cosmic Comedy Show in August 2020 with talents from New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States performing. Presented during COVID19, here jokes from calling meditation your afternoon nap by your mother to Ozzie Ossboune's bat virus immunity and Costco being the perfect getaway for the Zombie Apocalypse. Click for the promo.

Outreach Video Trailer

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Heart Centered Wellness Marathon Livestream

Vedic Variety Holiday Show

Vedic Meditation Stories

"I learned this meditation only a couple of weeks ago and I have already seen results far from those I ever imagined. Emotions have come up and moved out faster than I’ve ever experienced. People have commented to me that my energy is lighter and different and that my eyes are clearer. "
- Courtney R.