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Even a moderately stressful lifestyle causes diminished life expectancy.

Meditation reduces stress.


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Mission Statement

We are a unique nonprofit organization providing individuals, businesses and families (no cost for children) with practical self-sufficient stress reduction services, including Vedic Meditation, workshops, breathing and yoga exercises for sustainable mental and physical health wellness worldwide.

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Global Initiative

Aware Meditation Inc.'s global initiative endeavours to shift the collective stress consciousness. We provide simple, self sufficient stress reducing techniques. Once practiced on a daily basis the human nervous system stabilizes, reducing anxiety, fear and overwhelm allowing for increased mental clarity and cognitive ability. Shifting an attitude or mindset is only a temporary surface level tool which often causes disappointment and additional stress. Our practices are utilized to address underlying causes not symptoms. All initiatives are in alignment with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 


Global Outreach Initiative

Our outreach programs are designed to reach lower income (based upon local area qualification) and marginalized people in the wellness community. We aim to teach within their communities at no financial cost to them. This includes but is not limited to; BIPoC, LGBTQ+, elderly, those in and transitioning from incarceration to civilian life, 12 step participants, individuals with physical and mental health disabilities, victims of abuse and veterans.

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Nicole’s Meditation Scholarship Fund

Nicole hosted group meditation learnings in her home and group meditations. She always advocated for us to come and teach. She loved the meditation. We are creating our inaugural scholarship in her name to be part of her legacy. The scholarship details are in the Go Fund Me Page.


Vedic Meditation Stories E-Book

Have you struggled with meditation? Do you believe it won't work for you? Neither could any of the these people.

The book is an e-book fundraiser for Aware Meditation Inc.'s global initiative to shift the consciousness of all and allow all peoples to learn this practice.

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“Learning with Paula has saved my life and changed my life beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I look forward to meditating every day and will continue with her as my teacher, I am so grateful for this technique!”
- Jacqueline L.

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Sherman Oaks, Sacramento, Stockton and San Francisco in California on a rolling basis. We teach individuals, businesses and outreach courses. Our global outreach initiative expands to the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and soon Asia. 

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