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Queen Elizabeth II Reign to King Charles the Divine Feminine to the Divine Masculine - the only way is up!

Sep 24, 2022

As the world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning female Queen of Great Britain many groaned at the thought of the Monarchy reverting back to the masculine. Charles, the epitome of a privileged Caucasian male could be the archetype we need to shift the Consciousness of the Divine Masculine.

The Divine Feminine energy represents creativity, organization, the elevated higher path consciousness to name a few but has been under repressive rule of distorted Divine Masculine values. As the feminine has risen up over the last five years from the MeToo movement in 2017 through to Kamala Harris the first female Vice President of the United States there has been a reversal of progress demonstrated with Roe vs Wade being overturned in 2022. The distorted masculine has doubled down and holds on even tighter as the Divine Feminine attempts to seek equality. Why is this the case? 

The stagnation of flow within both Divine energies has created an escalation of...

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June Solstice and Yoga

Jun 17, 2022

Why is it that we reach out to you all to participate in the Rounding Workshops over the Solstice or Equinox? In a nutshell, we wish for you to experience Nature's energy shift for deeper results and less stress. Do less and accomplish more.

The Solstice 

"Sol", derives from the Latin word for Sun and sistere is abbreviated with, "stice", meaning to stand still.  On this date, the earth's axis tilts to its most extreme on these dates (approx 23.5 degrees). Whether one resides in the northern or southern hemisphere, the sun appears to reach its highest or lowest point respectively. Many festivities have been remembered around these dates but the June Solstice hosted the shenanigans of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in the northern hemisphere.  Needless to say, throughout the centuries humankind has been aware of the energetic shift. As meditators, we become more aware of these energetic shifts within and around us. We are less at the effect of...

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Anxiety about Current News Events?

Mar 03, 2022

Keep Calm and Carry On..

 From the floods in Australia to the slaughter in Ukraine, stress levels have rocketed even further. Who would have thought that after a global pandemic more instability would occur? Well, the Vedic scientists did. The Vedic Science of Being, includes us being part of one intelligent field. Many refer to it as the Universal Field. Others may call it the Universe, God, Consciousness, take it as you will. As living entities upon a planet, we too are reflective of all that exists within the field. This can also be referred to as energy. Energy has vibrational frequencies. Those that practice Vedic Meditation are given a sound that resonates a frequency when practiced. It is that ancient frequency that brings the mind inward, away from the worldly troubles, the body gains deep rest (up-to 2-5 times) and upon returning to the world, eyes open more refreshed, our nervous system is less agitated and infused with a deeper capacity to adapt....

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Vedic Astrology & Putin Invasion

Mar 02, 2022

Astrology is often considered woo woo or hooey. However, trained astrologist or Jyotish in Vedic Astrology are highly trained and with a scientific mind and endless mathematic calculations have predicted the health pandemic of 2020 and are warning of events beginning February 23, 2022.  Not by accident Putin invaded the Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.  It is important to note that in Vedic Astrology the Zodiac is 22 degrees behind that of Western Astrology. Vedic Astrology goes by the Moon not the Sun.

Below is a repost from reverend Vedic Astrology practitioner Blaine Watson. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Vedic Astrology Effects of Apasavya Kala Sarpa Dosha (blemish) 2022 from 23 February 2022 – 13 April 2022.

KalaSarpa Dosha 2022 (all remaining planets between Rahu, Ketu) will occur for 15 days from 23 February 2022 to March 9, then again from March 22 to April 4 and April 19 to April 23.  The rest of the year will be...

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Valentines Day and the Ego | Aware Meditation Inc.

Feb 11, 2022

Valentine's Day is around the corner and the mere mention of it raises levels of stress, potential depression and anxiety. This holiday, much publicized for the financial gain of advertisers, chocolate manufacturers and the jewelry industry does hold behind it two elements that can either make or break the human spirit. The first being the Ego and the second the Soul.


I grew up in a culture where Valentine's Day was not really celebrated as it is now, however as I reached my teens dating pressures grew which included Valentine's Day. Who was the lucky individual to receive a card or the most luxurious gift? Which student had the highest social status in the school who was giving away the gifts/cards?  Nowadays, little children exchange love notes to every person in their class including the teacher as there is an awareness of inclusivity, and universal love for everyone being celebrated on this day. Yet with the influence of social media, nowadays beyond the age of 8...

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Sherman Oaks Meditation Instructor - COVID19, Meditation, and your Mindset

Apr 27, 2021

We have a phrase in English, “Mind over matter”. Many in traditional and in alternative health practitioners believe that challenges in the physical can be overcome by the mind thinking positive. Books have been written documenting individual’s healing of illnesses with a simple change in mindset. The recent COVID19 pandemic has put this even more at the forefront. 

Many who didn’t believe the virus was real have buried loved ones. Others believed they would be immune or have little response to COVID19 with a, “free of fear”, attitude, claiming when faced with a positive test, keeping a virus friendly mentality would allow for a safe and simple common cold experience. Some it was true, others faced a hard breaking experience. Now with the vaccines being administered globally the debate of take it or die and the anti vaccine mentality brings the mindset conundrum to an elevated level. 

Last week I was informed a relative of mine...

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Sacramento Vedic Meditation On The Rise!

Nov 24, 2020

Vedic Meditation Sacramento and Vedic Meditation Grass Valley is sprouting up! 

“It’s been 2 weeks since I learned to meditate and I have already experienced better sleep, less dependency on caffeine and just overall increase in energy and productivity in my day,” says Laura Delgado, a single mother of two in Sacramento, California.

“I recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to go about and be a (happy) functioning person.“ This simple and non-religious practice teaches people a technique in a course setting, empowering the participants to be self sufficient. “Since participating in Paula’s 4-day Vedic Meditation course…I have discovered that my life is not nearly as chaotic as I previously believed. I am eternally grateful,” admitted Jay Bird Malone, an artist in Davis. He even took the train down to San Francisco when Paula was teaching the Vedic Meditation San Francisco class! It appears these dedicated...

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Aware Meditation FEATURED in VivaGlam Magazine

Oct 05, 2020

Read the article that was featured in VivaGlam Magazine!

5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Meditation Practice

By Paula Newman,
Vedic Meditation Teacher, Celebrity Meditation Teacher and Founder of Aware Meditation

Edited by Brianne Nemiroff

Learning to meditate can be trying for many but those that maintain a regular practice may face an even tougher challenge – the Plateau. Whether you learned online, downloaded an app, or sought detailed instruction from a teacher, we have all faced difficulties. As a meditation teacher I have witnessed, experienced and found common solutions to this phenomena regardless of level or practice.

  If you are facing hesitation or resistance to your meditation practice, getting to the chair may become an outright struggle.  You may also find yourself cloaked in thoughts; “I am too tired to meditate,” “I’ll just take a nap”, “I don’t have time”, “I think I will...

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