Beginner's Meditation Course

This Meditation technique is non-religious and comprised of information from the Vedas ‚Äď ancient wisdom texts from India. It is ideal for busy people with even busier minds.

This self sufficient practice is non religious and is specifically for busy people dealing with the stress of everyday life. It is taught by highly trained teachers (over 6,500 hours requirement each) in person, over 4 sessions and includes lifetime follow up programs.

  • ¬†Reduces Blood Pressure
  • ¬†Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • ¬†Brings Deep Rest for the Body (2-5x than sleep)
  • ¬†Enhanced Immunity
  • ¬†Energy Boost
  • ¬†Clarity of Mind Improvement
  • ¬†Reduced substance abuse
  • ¬†Non Religious Belief Conflict
  • ¬†Specific kids practice available to all guardians/parents that learned (after 3 months)

Aware Meditation's technique (also known as Vedic Meditation), is designed with a structure to be practiced twice a day, for twenty minutes while sitting comfortably. It is taught in person by a trained teacher over a series of 4 sessions, over 4 consecutive days.

The course includes:
- Over 8 hours of in-person teaching
- 21-day meditation follow up program
- Lifetime beginner practice follow up program 
- Free refresher courses
- Eligibility to advanced courses and retreats

A one time all inclusive donation is given in exchange for learning which supports our non profit. Donation for learning is on a sliding scale based upon each individual's circumstances. This is explained in our FREE first session. 

 Children's Course

Children of meditators are eligible to learn a special technique after a parental figure has been meditating for three months at no financial cost. 

Outreach Sliding Scale Option

Those who are unable to afford the regular donation rate of $600USD we offer a once a month outreach course. A sliding scale option is available. More information is given at our free introductory talk. Please select the button below for details.

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"Started my training in Vedic Meditation this week with Paula Newman. What a delight she has been through the process. I always felt safe, comfortable and well informed on the details of how to properly integrate the practice into my everyday routine. Huge benefits right away! I would recommend this practice for anyone in the meditation community and also for the individual looking to bring meditation into their lives."
- Geoffrey J.D. Payne

More Courses

Teacher Training

Aware Meditation & Vedic Meditation (VMTT) Teacher Training.

We are delighted to host our non residential Vedic Meditation Teacher Training Program. Unlike other Vedic Meditation programs, we are a nonprofit organization that provides teaching opportunities upon completion. We incorporate: business and marketing strategies, integration within our current meditation community and continued mentorship as part of our recommended teacher collective during the training. We also provide a teaching collective collaboration upon graduation. All new teachers are supported under our umbrella and given a platform to successfully integrate into the meditation community. 

We encourage ALL Aware Meditators to participate. The world needs more meditation teachers.

Our Training Program is divided into two parts:

Part One: 

  • Eligibility to spend 3 live in weeks at our center to maximize training results
  • Attendance at Rounding Workshops during the training period 
  • Lectures from Aware Meditation Instructors
  • Guidance/Check Ins from lead teacher 
  • Marketing/business strategies
  • Introduction to our meditation community as trainees
  • Curriculum 
  • Students have up to 24 months to complete the requirements.

Participants who complete part one are considered Meditation Guides and eligible to host group meditations, run courses (they have taken)  but are not full teachers. 


Part Two:

The final segment is available for part one graduates who are charmed to become full teachers. 

  • Introductory Talk format
  • Meditation Teacher Course Tradition Format
  • Historic Powerful Mantras (only given to teachers)
  • Aware Meditation Teacher Recognition
  • Membership of Teaching Collective (including business promotion, mentorship, collaborative programs and eligibility to teacher retreats)

Part Two: Eligibility Requirements

  • Completion of all Expanding Consciousness Courses
  • A minimum of one Advanced Meditation Technique 
  • Completion of part one of the Teacher Training Program
  • Deep desire to become a meditation teacher
  • Check in with us for an information session.



*COVID19 Immunity Boosting solutions utilizing Ayurveda with Dylan Smith x Aware Mediation

Ayurveda is a system of holistic medicine. "Ayur," translated from Sanskrit, means life and "veda" means knowledge

Aware Meditation Inc, has partnered with Dylan Smith, founder of Vital Veda, Australia, a leading expert Ayurvedic practitioner.

This 90-minute workshop discusses principles of Ayurveda:

  • Immunity boosting practices
  • Advanced Ayurvedic Sanskrit Terminology
  • Simple and effective routines
  • The deeper science behind Ayurveda
  • Special discount codes for items discussed
  • Now includes Ayurveda and Sanskrit terminology worksheet

Dylan Smith grows his own herbs and treats various individuals from high-level executives, celebrities and everyday folks -- ranging from great health to those fighting chronic conditions. His in-depth training has involved years in India under the prestigious Raju Ayurvedic family lineage in Hyderbad. The Raju family comes from a long line of distinguished Vaidyas (Ayurvedia physicians) going back for generations on both the patriarchal and matriarchal sides. Many were guided under the Mahesh Yogi. They have both experience and success in treating a full range of diseases from prevention to seemingly incurable. Dylan continuously trains and collaborates with the Raju family in Australia, India and USA. He distributes high quality products from his own herb garden in Australia. 

Cost: $40, donations are on a sliding scale. 

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