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9am PST / 5pm GMT - Cacao Ceremony - Camilla Baker, U.K.

A short cacao ceremony with guided instructions to connect to nature and within.

10am PST - Hot Inferno Pilates - Sangha Hot Yoga - Pacifica Ca

Hot Pilates consists of a full body, low impact, high intensity workout. This class focuses on muscle strengthening and fat burning using the Pilates principles. 

11am PST / 7pm GMT - Conscious Goal Manifesting - Robert Smith - U.K.

This session illustrates the powers and simplicity of Coaching and how easy it is to identify areas for improvement, any possible challenges/barriers, and will result in a 'takeaway' action plan to move towards your end goal.

12pm PST -  Open Your Heart Yoga - Michelle Corp - Los Angeles, CA

This class is open to all levels and a transformational heart opening class. 

1pm PST / 8am (2/14) AEST - Pain and Healing w/Vedic Meditation and Group Meditation - Laura Poole - Melbourne, Australia

Paula and Laura discuss chronic pain, meditation and her contribution to the book Vedic Meditation Stories.

2pm PST - Shamanic Healing w/Nature - Carolyn Green. B.C. Canada

Opening with a shamanic yoga ritual, you will then dive in to a journey of perspectives including Ayurveda and Andean and Celtic shamanism. 

3pm PST -  Heart Centered Healing with Vedic Meditation. The Maitri-Karuna effect - Paula Newman - Los Angeles, California

Group Meditation & Heart Centered Awakenings via intuition as a result of meditation.

4pm PST/ 11am (2/14) AEST Nidra Yoga - Julie Clark of All Ability Yoga - Sydney, Australia

A safe class for all levels to end the day.