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Recovery Impact Stories  

Sober over 25 years

Meditation broke my incarceration cycle words and caucasian male
Sober over 25 years

Female 40 meditating in chemo treatment room
Off the Streets 33yrs

Female face with meditation
No Religious Conflict

Christian African American Meditator
Why Learn?

Latinx woman how meditation changed her life
Overcame Depression

African American Woman image with words of Meditation Broke My Depression

Ebook with Meditation Recovery true stories.

We highly recommend reading this brief ebook (easily downloadable) with real accounts from individuals who would never consider meditation but learned as a last resort. It includes information about the practice, the development of Aware Meditation and the stories. 

How It Works

We are a non profit I organization that partners with organizations/individuals /institutions that are connected to or work with those in all forms of recovery to offer this meditation technique in large groups as a four session course.  This includes but is not limited to: treatment centers, recovery homes, shelters, jails, juvenile facilities, halfway houses, sober living residencies, outpatient centers etc.

Check out the Impact Stories from real meditators that learned our technique, our EBook with REAL, remarkable and unedited true stories written by genuine meditators, MANY OF WHOM ARE IN RECOVERY and o
ur website home page for the global initiative and mission statement. Our courses page lists the many benefits.

The hosting community/organization receives the teaching at no financial cost but in exchange for: 

Location liaison, administrative & enrollment support, teaching space, security and other specific logistical requirements. Individual course participants are asked to attend a free information session before attending & provide a gift in exchange for the learning and lifetime follow up program.

We provide the expert teachers (over 6,500 training hours) that bring in person four sessions on four consecutive days of teaching, opportunity to resit a course, community membership including a lifetime follow up support.  Easy!

 We are actively looking for communities eligible to host and those eligible to attend. Contact us for a FREE information session with our Founder over Zoom to find out more.