All About Aware Meditation's Plantinum Meditation Course


Aware Meditation Course is taught in person with lifelong follow up support.  


This self sufficient practice is non religious and is specifically for busy people dealing with the stress of everyday life. It is taught by highly trained teachers (over 6,500 hours requirement each) in person, over 4 sessions and includes lifetime follow up programs.

  •  Reduces Blood Pressure
  •  Improves Cardiovascular Health
  •  Brings Deep Rest for the Body (2-5x than sleep)
  •  Enhanced Immunity
  •  Energy Boost
  •  Clarity of Mind Improvement
  •  Reduced substance abuse
  •  Non Religious Belief Conflict
  •  Specific kids practice available to all guardians/parents that learned (after 3 months)

Aware Meditation's technique (also known as Vedic Meditation), is designed with a structure to be practiced twice a day, for twenty minutes while sitting comfortably. It is taught in person by a trained teacher over a series of 4 sessions, over 4 consecutive days.

The course includes:
- Over 8 hours of in-person teaching
- 21-day meditation follow up program
- Lifetime beginner practice follow up program 
- Free refresher courses
- Eligibility to advanced courses and retreats

A one time all inclusive donation is given in exchange for all learning which supports our non profit. Donation for learning is on a sliding scale based upon each individual's circumstances. The donation is based upon a sliding scale and supports the teacher in addition to the nonprofit. Our donation outline is subsidized at a lower price point because we are a non profit.  This is explained in our FREE first session.

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