Sacramento Vedic Meditation On The Rise!

Nov 24, 2020

Vedic Meditation Sacramento and Vedic Meditation Grass Valley is sprouting up! 

“It’s been 2 weeks since I learned to meditate and I have already experienced better sleep, less dependency on caffeine and just overall increase in energy and productivity in my day,” says Laura Delgado, a single mother of two in Sacramento, California.

“I recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to go about and be a (happy) functioning person.“ This simple and non-religious practice teaches people a technique in a course setting, empowering the participants to be self sufficient. “Since participating in Paula’s 4-day Vedic Meditation course…I have discovered that my life is not nearly as chaotic as I previously believed. I am eternally grateful,” admitted Jay Bird Malone, an artist in Davis. He even took the train down to San Francisco when Paula was teaching the Vedic Meditation San Francisco class! It appears these dedicated and loyal meditation students of Aware Meditation can’t speak any more highly about learning from Paula Newman, the primary teacher of Vedic Meditation Sacramento.

Originally from England, Paula Jane Newman, founder and senior teacher of Aware Meditation, had gravitated towards Meditation after sustaining a debilitating injury working on the computer and filing in an office. She explains, “I was too young to be living on pain medication for the rest of my life. I heard that meditation could help and began the process of trying various practices. However, nothing gave me the immediate results like Vedic Meditation. The first day, I gained over 2 hours of productivity that I usually spent sleeping. I immediately became more present in the world and able to get back to business.” – that’s exactly what she’s done. She founded Aware Meditation (now a nonprofit organization), to help others manage the pressures and stress of daily life. She runs the Aware Meditation – Vedic Meditation Teacher Training programs for those enthused to help others. “Our Vedic Meditation Teacher Training is unique as we provide an integration program for our graduates. We support our teachers. It’s not a graduate, kick you to the curb, and fend for yourself organization.” She has appeared on many media outlets including ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap as a George Hamilton’s meditation teacher and GoodDay Sacramento with Cambi Brown. People are taking a shine to this meditation teacher. Perhaps it’s her charming British accent or theatre training background (she graduated from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama) which add flare to the Vedic Meditation Sacramento courses? Her charming accent, delightful lightheartedness and yet profound wisdom are a breath of fresh air. “I’m a genuine, down to earth person who pulled themselves up from the quagmire of despair when my world crumbled after getting hurt. I vowed that if I was to ever teach this technique it would be without false airs or graces.”  

She is a gem in a maze of charlatans and self-proclaimed Gurus. Vedic Meditation Sacramento and Vedic Meditation Grass Valley take place over Martin Luther King Weekend January 17th – 20th, 2020. Reservations contact [email protected]

Vedic Meditation San Francisco reservations for February 14th – 17th at Satori Yoga Studio.


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