Vedic Astrology & Putin Invasion

Mar 02, 2022

Astrology is often considered woo woo or hooey. However, trained astrologist or Jyotish in Vedic Astrology are highly trained and with a scientific mind and endless mathematic calculations have predicted the health pandemic of 2020 and are warning of events beginning February 23, 2022.  Not by accident Putin invaded the Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.  It is important to note that in Vedic Astrology the Zodiac is 22 degrees behind that of Western Astrology. Vedic Astrology goes by the Moon not the Sun.

Below is a repost from reverend Vedic Astrology practitioner Blaine Watson. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Vedic Astrology Effects of Apasavya Kala Sarpa Dosha (blemish) 2022 from 23 February 2022 – 13 April 2022.

KalaSarpa Dosha 2022 (all remaining planets between Rahu, Ketu) will occur for 15 days from 23 February 2022 to March 9, then again from March 22 to April 4 and April 19 to April 23.  The rest of the year will be free of this dosha.

There will be at least 3 planets in Aquarius during early March 2022 which leads to chaos.
Public administration fails in many countries.
Full or partial lockdowns will effect economies.
Fraud of few Vaccine companies will be exposed.
Rahu-Ketu changing sign during March 2022, Jupiter entering own sign Pisces (Meena Rasi) on 13 April and Saturn entering Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) temporarily on 27 April 2022 will effect many lives.
Huge changes can be expected for people born in moon signs of Pisces (Meena), Aries (Mesha), Gemini (Mithuna), Cancer (Karkataka), Leo (Simha), Scorpio (Vrischika), Capricorn (Makara) and Aquarius (Kumbha).
Countries and States going for elections during March-April 2022 will see changes in governments. Ruling parties can lose power.

This is a Apasavya Kalasarpa Yoga/Dosha, where 7 planets are moving towards the head (Rahu). Already all major planets are within this apasavya kala sarpa yoga since early 2020, which caused lockdowns, economic collapses, travel restrictions etc.

Apasavya Kalasarpa Yoga/Dosha, in experience has given more trouble to individuals than places, businesses and countries.

During this time, 3 or more planets will be conjunct in Capricorn (Makara Rasi) and this brings anti-establishment acts, political turmoils, riots.


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