High Pitched Shruti sound when meditating. Shruti and Smirti.

Oct 17, 2022

Have you ever noticed a high pitched sound that comes in both ears when meditating? Or even perhaps when you have a strong intuition?  Contrary to popular belief, there is not always a need to run to the doctor and check for tinnitus. The vedic philosophy calls it the , "Shruti"

The word “shruti” derives from the Sanskrit root “shru” to hear. The shruti is defined as the never changing eternal infinite and ultimate reality.   The four Vedas – RK Veda, Sāma Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda are also referred to as shruti.  How does this relate to that sound in your ears? Let's roll it back further in Vedic philosophy to understand more.

At the very beginning of creation the atmosphere was fresh and pure.  It was free of all stress or strain.  It is here that the knowledge of the Vedas was given in the form of cognition to the Rishis - Vedic Seers of ]Vedic literature (this written form is known as smriti).  This first arose in their consciousness taking shape of a wave (seen) and this wave then taking the shape of a sound (heard). -shruti. Shruti is considered spoken - in sound form.

It is important to note that the Vedas are not their personal creation, but they are associated with the Rishis as the Seer. The Rishis do not own the Vedic knowledge nor does any human being, no matter how wonderful your Guru may appear. The smirtis are the teachings...They express the relative truths in life. The teachings of smirti are truths in the purest form. They won’t deviate with time or fashion. Smirti has form-structure and can be spoken and can naturally enliven by reading Sanskrit in Vedic literature.  Smirti can be seen (read) or it can be heard (sound).  But the preference seems to be ‘seeing’.  Smirtis bring out the practical theme of the shrutis. The smirtis have their breath in the shruti – they are not separate.  Their source and their course are the laws of nature expressed by the shrutis.”**       

The sound that is being heard (shruti), is an expression of the knowledge within Vedic literature - Truth but not with words. As one releases stress through meditation the meditator is open to hear their own intuitive guidance more clearly. This is highlighted by the sound of the shruti often as an acknowledgement.  Sometimes, a simple decision is made as the sound occurs as the mind fluctuates over to one of the choices presented.  The mind chatter is not always negative when connected to shruti.  The finer levels of feeling become awakened when one has mediated for a series of times. As one grows in connection to the Universal Field/Source/Higher Intelligence the sound can often be heard in waking state. The more subtle layers of the mind below thought are more constantly flowing wisdom rather than being blocked my everyday stress. Ever wonder how things sometimes work out for others but not yourself?  It is that inner knowing, that intuition, that voice from within.  We are not raised in the west to nurture this practice. It is the inner guidance system that money cannot buy, prestige cannot hold or lineage discern within DNA. Many a weak king has ruled many a nation as they had no connection to their own guidance and were easily led astray by power hungry sycophants. How many celebrities have made bad choices in partnership or health with many huddling around them rather than listening to their own voice.

The resolve? Meditate, listen to the shruti, release your own stress and follow your own guidance. Mistakes are corrected easily when one's inner guidance corrects off course sooner than later. 

                 The smirti are on the level of sound/form. This awakens consciousness to directly experience, this level. This starts the process of perceiving the truth that intelligence will picture (see) the truth.


     *Conversations with Maharishi. Volume 1 by Vernon Katz © Vernon Katz 2011 at p. 207.   

**Conversations with Maharishi. Volume 1 by Vernon Katz © Vernon Katz 2011 at p. 207.


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