Code of Ethics & Guidelines


We are saddened to learn of discrepancies that have occured within the Vedic Meditation global community between specific individuals. We are not aligned with individuals that violate law or human rights or demonstrate abusive conduct .  If you experience any teachers or members within our community that display such behaviour please contact us immediately.


Participants Ethics/ Guidelines.

Aware Meditation Inc.'s philosophy is that both the student and representatives of Aware Meditation Inc. hold equal responsibility to uphold our code of ethics. All participants whether members of the community, student, teacher, practitioner, volunteer, board member or partner are to uphold a professional, safe, respectful and enjoyable space for all. Each individual is legally and financially accountable for themselves, under the law.

If at any time you experience legal infringements please email [email protected]. 




  • Teaching is an ever evolving and humble vocation. We are aware of our human limitations including;  behaviours, personalities knowledge and experience and endeavour to learn from our students.

  • We uphold all legal human rights protocols within each country we teach and acknowledge and respect the rights of a student to make a complaint. We take all steps necessary to resolve any conflict that arises with the student.

  • We respect all meditation techniques, and when working collaboratively with other practitioners we expect them to adhere to our standards.



  • All parties must adhere to legal protocols including medical, ethical and sexual conduct. All parties respect each individual's life experiences regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual preferences, political or religious affiliation.

  • All parties foster empowerment and self-sufficiency to one another. 

  • Our teachers are trained with over 6,500 hours of knowledge and meditation combined. They are not mental or physical health practitioners, (unless an individual obtained additional and recognized certifications). Student's are required to document in their interview form any mental health or medical issues before learning and list their health professional's contact information. Those under the counsel of mental health professionals will require their approval before learning and acknowledge this status on their interview form. Failure to do so, is at the responsibility of the student.

  • If ethical grievances arise between a student and teacher or within the community, it must be reported in a timely manner (within 30 days) to a neutral third party via  email [email protected] for documentation. We endeavour to provide an expedient healthful resolve to all parties.

  • A parent or guardian is to be present when any child learns a technique. 



  • All information provided in courses, group meditations and events is to remain confidential by all parties.



  • Where possible we teach from spaces that are accessible for all persons.


Additional Guidelines

  •  Teachers and students alike, are evolutionary beings, and human. We purport self sufficiency and support only student-teacher relationships without codependency.    

  •  We deeply respect and acknowledge all traditions, and would ask that our students do the same. Please refrain from dismissing, criticising or rejecting other teachers or traditions.

  • All parties participate in community events, courses or retreats with the highest learning intention only.  

  • All parties (unless under contractual obligation) are permitted to leave any event at any time.   

  • All parties take full responsibility for their behaviour.


If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this please contact us.