New Moon December 12, 2023

Dec 12, 2023

New Moon is a Powerful Cycle.

Today we experience the last new moon of 2023. Each new moon phase marks the beginning of a cycle but this one is exceptionally strong!

This is the time to clear out any of your own karmic spiritual baggage and prepare to have a new expansion of your authentic self come in for 2024. What is Karma?  Karma translates from sanskrit into the word action. The philosophy of karma can easily be equated to Newton's third law - "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction". Whether it is an immediate action from saying something out loud and it coming back to you or from your soul's past actions in previous incarnations.


Our personal karma can be resolved quickly when we recognize the pattern and take action to amend it. Then, when we are ready to release it the energetic fields around us will shift.  Have you noticed some people experience the same luck or fortune? It is because of past actions. Others, try as they can to overcome but face adversity.  However, this goes deeper into one's own spiritual promise made when entering the world in this physical body. The layers are extremely deep and we will go into details in an upcoming course next year on how to expedite the karmic bonds without having to spend thousands of dollars/pounds/yen etc. to a solution. But for now...

If you have been feeling that you are limited in some way now is the wave to catch to expand your energetics field, (which is also known as the event horizon in Vedic philosophy), to bring more abundance and bliss. Let’s be clear, abundance means richness in all affairs, not limited to financial.

We are living in a global cycle wherein the gap between the top 1% and regular people is becoming wider and wider. The cost of living is rising, and yet the living wages are not.  The year 2023 noted a remarkable amount of worker’s strikes worldwide to find compensatory income in alignment with inflation. Nurses, Starbucks workers, hotel workers, car workers, writers and the actors, are a few of the groups that went on strike and that was only the United States!


We are all caught in one large cosmic cycle, but we each have our own karmic cycles within it for our spiritual growth. We came into this world to overcome past misalignments by amending situations with others and in turn upgrading our consciousness.  If you’re asking, why do I keep having the same romantic failures or why do these people keep entering my life? The answer is because we know them on a soul level from before and now, we are being given the opportunity to re-clarify and reset our spiritual path. There is nothing wrong with you. Infact, if you keep coming across these individuals, it is a sign that you are now moving through and making it very clear energetically that you are standing in your new enlightened self. It is our judgement against ourselves that hinders us from moving forward. 


What steps can you take to help day? 

  • Take time when the new Moon comes to meditate.  
  • Notice if you feel a more inward pull and listen to any intuition’s that come through. 
  • Pay attention to any action that you feel you are charmed to follow through with the next couple of days. 
  • Notice the communication that comes in within the next 72 hours. 
  • Ask before you go to sleep tonight for intuition to come through within your dream cycle.  
  • Write down your subtle thought processes no matter how insignificant over the next three days
  • LISTEN to your wisdom and follow that for the next 28 days.

 The new moon is a call to become more of our true soul’s path and less a carbon copy of our cultural and societal indoctrination. 

I am excited to hear more about your experiences in our special next OPEN group meditation and wisdom meeting - 2024 Predictions and Meditation. Here you can ask all your questions about the moon cycles relevance and the patterns evolving for 2024.  Please register below.


If you wish to know more about the moon cycles please visit our New Moon Tai Chi workshops.

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