Anxiety about Current News Events?

Mar 03, 2022

Keep Calm and Carry On..

 From the floods in Australia to the slaughter in Ukraine, stress levels have rocketed even further. Who would have thought that after a global pandemic more instability would occur? Well, the Vedic scientists did. The Vedic Science of Being, includes us being part of one intelligent field. Many refer to it as the Universal Field. Others may call it the Universe, God, Consciousness, take it as you will. As living entities upon a planet, we too are reflective of all that exists within the field. This can also be referred to as energy. Energy has vibrational frequencies. Those that practice Vedic Meditation are given a sound that resonates a frequency when practiced. It is that ancient frequency that brings the mind inward, away from the worldly troubles, the body gains deep rest (up-to 2-5 times) and upon returning to the world, eyes open more refreshed, our nervous system is less agitated and infused with a deeper capacity to adapt. All because we are reminded of that of which we really are - Pure energetic intelligence. Also referred to as pure love or the Soul. The Soul cares not for money, prestige or logic. It is an energetic frequency that transcends our 3rd dimension. It draws us to a calling, a person or a practice. When the Soul is nurtured, we are at ease and at peace, when there are unresolved experiences it lets us know (please see the Soul vs Ego Blog for more). Coping with stress requires more adaptation energy. If we are already at capacity not listening to our Soul, then we have little wiggle room. A short fuse, inability to adapt to a hang nail let alone a pandemic or the fear of global terrorism.

The best way to diminish fear is through connecting to the field and then learn more about the process. However, it all begins with us as an individual. Yes, it is all about me. Our vibration, our energetic resonance.  Aware Meditation is offering upcoming Vedic Meditation courses to learn or refresh your practice which will give a boost.  Those who are already learners may wish to attend the Rounding Workshop to unload even more stress, allowing the system to listen to the Soul.  The next one is Sunday march 21st via Zoom at 9am California time (PDT) We also offer up Advanced practices to delve even deeper into the Universal Field. This will release a deeper layer of stress and open up the capacity to listen to one's Soul even further.

Finally, we now offer Creative Visualization workshops from the Vedic perspective. Here, we find out what we don't know about what we didn't know in subtle and profound awakenings. This can be attended whether a Vedic Meditator or not.

 "Adapt or. Die", - MoneyBall Movie


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