June Solstice and Yoga

Jun 17, 2022

Why is it that we reach out to you all to participate in the Rounding Workshops over the Solstice or Equinox? In a nutshell, we wish for you to experience Nature's energy shift for deeper results and less stress. Do less and accomplish more.

The Solstice 

"Sol", derives from the Latin word for Sun and sistere is abbreviated with, "stice", meaning to stand still.  On this date, the earth's axis tilts to its most extreme on these dates (approx 23.5 degrees). Whether one resides in the northern or southern hemisphere, the sun appears to reach its highest or lowest point respectively. Many festivities have been remembered around these dates but the June Solstice hosted the shenanigans of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in the northern hemisphere.  Needless to say, throughout the centuries humankind has been aware of the energetic shift. As meditators, we become more aware of these energetic shifts within and around us. We are less at the effect of our stress and become more attune to more global influences. Therefore, it would be practicing ignorance if we did not present these dates as significant opportunities to deepen your meditation practice, release stress and upgrade your discernment capacities.

 Any Vedic Meditator may learn the Rounding technique regardless of time or level, as the gentle poses open up meridians within the body allowing for a more profound shift of stress. The body holds stress. It holds memories of our past stress including trauma that the mind may have already overcome.  The body is simply waiting for an opportunity to release the trauma.  A daily meditation practice like Vedic Meditation (not a manifesting goal driven practice) gives the body deep rest and allows the mind to start this process. A Rounding Workshop with a teacher over a gravitational shift, is like taking the bullet train to a destination. You arrive much more expediently and allowing for more time to play at your destination The body does not lie.  It holds all our deepest secrets. 

No prior yoga experience is needed and accommodations can be made for any student with injuries. The workshop teaches you;

  •      Rounding Asanas with special accommodations and levels for each practitioner
  •      Pranayama technique
  •      Remove up to 3 weeks of stress in one afternoon 
  •      21 Day follow up program with our head teacher
  •      Home practice technique for life
  •      Advanced Vedic Knowledge Meeting

Learn Rounding from Paula Newman (known as the, "Rounding Queen," in our community), the founder of the only Vedic Meditation global non profit.


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