Global Outreach Group Courses

Australia/New Zealand 2022


How It Works

We are a non profit organization that partners with eligible groups (organizations/individuals that are or work with low income groups/communities - classified by local county guidelines) to offer this meditation technique in large groups as a four session course at no financial cost to the hosting community. Normally, this ranges from $1,000-$1,500 per person. We are currently making appointments on a first come first serve basis for courses to be hosted in November 2022 in Australia/New Zealand.
Limited courses provided.

The hosting community/organization receives the teaching at no financial cost but in exchange for: 

Outreach/enrollment for the course, location liaison, administrative & enrollment support, teaching space, security and other specific logistical requirements. Individual course participants are asked to attend a free information session before attending & provide a, "give", in exchange for the teaching, continued access to knowledge & lifetime follow up program.

We provide the expert teachers (over 6,500 training hours) giving four sessions in person over four consecutive days, lifetime follow up support and a self sufficient technique.  Easy!

How is this meditation program different?

Aware Meditation Inc.'s global initiative endeavours to shift the collective stress consciousness. We provide simple, self sufficient stress reducing techniques (including Vedic Meditation). Once practiced on a daily basis the human nervous system stabilizes, reducing stress and allowing for increased cognitive ability, mental clarity and more expansive creative solutions. Shifting an individual's attitude or mindset is a temporary switch requiring continual effort and additional stress. Eliminating stress and expanding our cognitive capacities via our meditation delivers sustainable results.  Our initiatives are in alignment with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Check out our Impact Stories from real meditators that learned our technique, the courses page with the benefits, free EBook (with Amazon Prime) to read the remarkable and unedited true stories written by genuine meditators, and the website home page for our global initiative and mission statement.


If you are in an eligible community or know individuals connected to these groups please contact us for a FREE information session with our Founder over Zoom ASAP.


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