Global Outreach 

Australia/New Zealand  November 2022


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What? Why? How?

Our non profit has attained funding to provide various stress reduction fully and partially funded teachings and wellness events in Australia & New Zealand.

COVID-19, Inflation, job losses & Climate Change tragedies have caused unparalleled stress, anxiety, depression & financial strain. Many face financial challenges never foreseen. Now is the time to come and support one another globally. Let’s reduce stress, learn, laugh and heal. ALL ARE WELCOME!


Global Outreach Initiative


 Our outreach programs are designed to reach low/er income (Flood assistance/COVID grant eligible individuals are also included at no financial cost) and marginalized people in the wellness community. We aim to teach within their communities at no financial cost to them. This includes but is not limited to; BIPoC, LGBTQ+, elderly, those in and transitioning from incarceration to civilian life, 12 step participants, individuals with physical and mental health disabilities, victims of abuse and veterans. Those who earn above the threshold may attend with a suggested financial donation. ALL ARE INCLUDED.


We offer various programs

A) Outreach Community Vedic Meditation Course in person

Ideal if you have a busy mind and need to release stress not add to it. A silent, eyes closed & non directive technique, taught over four sessions (2 hours each) over four consecutive days.


8 Hours in person teaching

21-day meditation follow up program (online),

Lifetime access to online refresher/teaching sessions, group meditations and support. 

This is a letting go technique, not religious (check out our Christian video review below). 

It has assisted with; PTSD, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, chronic pain,  insomnia and COVID19 stress. Designed for busy people with even busier minds that once learned can be practiced anywhere. For 18+. Children learn after parents/guardians practice for three months.

PRE REQUISITE — watch the free introductory talk before learning.

Fully funded program for low/lower income individuals and those eligible for COVID-19, Flood or other state recognized programs.

Donations appreciated for those outside of the above parameters.

Prior to our subsidy the normal cost is $1,100 AUD person.

i[email protected] for individual or group enrollment.

Those overcoming addiction or in recovery may enjoy our recovery page. 


B) Comedy, Community & Education 

Community Laughter Healing Wellness Event - bringing comedy, your community and a whee bit of wellness education in a fun event. Laughter is healing, why not bring your group/community together with joy?

Partially funded program - donations appreciated at/for the event. This is a lovely combo after the 4 session meditation course.


C) Community Wellness Education 

Speaking/Workshops by our Founder.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Living in Chronic Pain - our founder is a chronic pain warrior for over 20 years. She presents a personal journey, solutions for those living in pain and innerstanding for their loved ones. All with a little comedy.

Anxiety/Depression Cycle  - Beyond Medication

1 in 6 Australians are currently experiencing anxiety/depression or both. This workshop/talk highlights simple and harmless non drug induced solutions to this pandemic.


 Meditation - It's not just for Men with Long Beards.

Meditation has become a buzz word but few understand the truth behind the practices. A simple breakdown of the varying philosophies, no nonsense talk and interactive exercises. An ideal beginners workshop. This is separate to the meditation course.


Addiction Recovery - On Our Doorstep not the Streets.

Approx 2,600,000 Australians have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. This number is up from 2,100,000 in 2017, an increase of 25%. This is on the rise. Educational session with personal stories from those that have broken the cycle.


Online and in person options. These talks/workshops bring sourced data, personal experience and suggested resources presented in a down to earth and personal manner. It is not any modality referring themselves. They speak from and to the heart from individuals that have experienced the trauma.


Australia November 9th-20th 


New Zealand November 21st-Dec 3rd 2022 

  • Available Course Time Slots - contact us ASAP 


Events coordinated by communities are brought by our funding in the exchange for the teaching/event location, administration and enrollment assistance.



"BEST investment I've ever made in myself!

Day 1 I had pain levels of 7-8 that came down to a 2-3. I was barely walking and came out of meditation walking with much more ease! I was diagnosed with PTSD and always felt tense, nervous, unable to focus and after just this one week of meditation twice/day I can't BELIEVE the difference! Night and day!! I'm focusing throughout the day, having conversations with people without my words getting "caught" in my mind, sleeping like a baby and have SO much more energy!! (I was taking 3-4 hr naps in the middle of the day consistently just to make it and I've been going consecutively WITHOUT napping."


- Tiffany D.

Brief Impact Stories

Break the Prison Cycle

Meditation broke my incarceration cycle words and caucasian male
No Religious Conflict

Christian African American Meditator
Cancer & Chemo

Female 40s meditating during Chemo
Single Mum w/2 kids

Latinx woman how meditation changed her life
Overcame Depression

African American Woman image with words of Meditation Broke My Depression
Learned at 6 years old

Teen Meditator overcomes anxiety with meditation

Global Initiative

Aware Meditation Inc.'s global initiative endeavours to shift the collective stress consciousness. We provide simple, self sufficient stress reducing techniques (including Vedic Meditation). Once practiced on a daily basis the human nervous system stabilizes, reducing stress and allowing for increased cognitive ability, mental clarity and more expansive creative solutions. Shifting an individual's attitude or mindset is a temporary switch requiring continual effort and additional stress. Eliminating stress and expanding our cognitive capacities via our meditation delivers sustainable results.  Our initiatives are in alignment with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.