Solstice December 21, 2023

Dec 21, 2023

Today is the solstice!


This year the solstice is at 4:27 pm PST on December 21, 2023. The winter solstice if you are in the northern hemisphere where they will be having the shortest day of the year or the summer solstice if you are in the southern hemisphere, and they will be having the longest day of the year. But this year there is something quite remarkable occurring. The solstice is not only occurring as the sun moves in to Capricorn but also during a mercury retrograde. What does that mean and why should I care?


I’m so glad you asked. :-) The meditation technique that we love stems back to knowledge from the ancients. And the ancients looked to the stars for wisdom in conjunction with their kinesthetic experience when certain stars moved into certain placements. They observed changes within themselves as these outer events occurred in the sky. When we meditate regularly, we become more in tune with our kinesthetic selves and more capable to tune out all the noise - the endless emails, notifications, electronic 5G frequencies, blue light, the work/health/money stressors, and we begin to then listen, just as the ancients did with nature. Nature is more than your garden, or a walk in a forest. Nature is all inclusive of that which is not human made, this includes beyond our planet, our solar system, and even our universes. The knowledge from the ancients connects to science. Western Science is still proving many of the mystic practices correct. We are still unclear about many events and construction from the ancients. Stonehenge, designed specifically to see the sun during a solstice is packed with visitors on each solstice. The solstice occurs twice a year. The name Sol is Latin for sun and stice from the Latin sistere for stand still. It is first documented in the 14th Century according to Merriam Webster. What exactly is that phenomenon. Nevertheless, that is a chat for another time not while we’re talking about the solstice and mercury retrograde.


The solstice represents a shift in the axis of the Earth. You may feel more energetic, or perhaps, less energetic. Don’t discard your intuition because you’re noticing there’s something different in you with the planetary movements. We reflect the universe. Therefore, if there is a shift in planetary alignment, why would we not reflect that as well? The key is to understand our own individual patterns within the global shift. I have written before about how I noticed a certain pattern happened every new moon, and then I discovered upon investigation I was born on a new moon. If you feel like doing a similar experiment notice in your astrological chart, or you can simply look on a NASA website when you were born and the time and what part of the moon cycle occurred. Then note in your calendar when that next occurs and during those three days around that time notice what happens. Are your communications clearer? Are you finding that there is more flow? There are plenty of seminars that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars for you to “get in the flow”, and follow someone else’s format, but the truth is that our own answers are all inside. The challenge is finding the keys to unlock our own inner wisdom.


Have you noticed that young children who are very free are very connected to their own wisdom? They are steadfast in whether they want to take an action or not. As we move further and further away from that childlike mindset, we are bogged down with education, activities, pursuing the societal and cultural paths whether it be an education, a career and then get the marriage relationship, followed by the family and often the cycle of breaking the so called that wasn’t the right relationship four our growth and then moving forward with even more actions and activities in order to fit into our society. Quite rightly so. Who wants to be outcast.? Perhaps some of you have had previous lives where you were outcast and that is not fun. And this is why we are so drawn to find a group that we fit in with because we have experienced being ostracized, being ridiculed, being betrayed for conflicting with the culture’s ways via our thoughts or actions. Recently I have been watching a lot of the movies that are up for the awards season in 2024. I am a member of the British Academy of Film, and a Television Arts. I get lots of free screeners for movies, and I’ve noticed this year has moved away from the archetype of the struggling alcoholic and the “oh whoa, is me female cycle”. We are now entering a beautiful state, where there are many uplifting stories. However, through the stories, the protagonists face the obstacle of being outcast from their society or cultural group.  The real-life story based film, Grand Turismo. A gamer who loved doing the racetrack game was then selected to become a professional racecar driver. However, his father opposed to such nonsense wanted him to have a normal job. The son must prove that he is not a loser. The beauty of this film is the father comes around and well…I won’t spoil the ending for you because it’s worth watching. The story the film, the Bank of Dave. Another heartwarming, and uplifting story based on true facts, when after the economic crash in the late 2000s a wealthy individual wants to create a bank in England to give loans to people who need it. Sick of corporate greed, and the banks not being able to loan money to real people who needed it, and yet, when the banks fail, they are bailed was bailed out and not the individuals. This uplifting and heartwarming story is how someone tried to change the old ways and what they faced within the aristocracy in England. He was not their sort. The ending well, all I will say is it includes a Def Leppard concert, and your heart will sing. The final film example I will use is The Next Goal. A true story again based in the island of American Samoa, attempting to participate in the World Cup. Another heartwarming, uplifting and following the same thread of breaking the norm to demonstrate the human spirit. An angry football coach from Europe opening to vulnerability and an unexpected friendship with a transgender player. This was in 2014 and the island team has no problems with the player. Here we are in 2023 with people still facing prejudice. Why do I talk about these films? The pattern. The pattern is never ending. It is cycling over and over because we have not learned this to pass onto the next generation. If we wish to break our own limiting cycles and if we wish to elevate our consciousness, we must break our patterns, but we must first become aware of our patterns.


Becoming aware initially can help with books or therapy. However, when we are ready for a permanent shift in consciousness we must go within. Meditation helps, it quietens the mind and allows space for us to listen. However, we are all unique within that cycle and must become aware of those unique rhythms and patterns. But how? Firstly, observe how you are feeling during a solstice, or new moon. What was the day that you felt in the Zone? Surely it is more than your diet and supplements.


If we are truly connected to all that is happening in the universe, we logically reflect the planetary shifts. We are more than flesh in this material world. Therefore, if there is a shift in the earth’s axis why would we not experience a shift as well? How does this relate to mercury retrograde. If you’re unsure about mercury, retrograde and how it affects you, I highly encourage you to check out my mercury retrograde workshop. This is like all my workshops, very down to earth, includes various points of view and includes a question-and-answer section. You will enjoy this workshop and learn a lot of information that you can’t necessarily find on a popular blog/website. Because I get into specifics.  As a special bonus, those who participate in the workshop after the recording, you’re welcome to use the add-on to get a very brief assessment of your own mercury retrograde.


And how is this solstice bringing us into this new year? Many people believe that the solstice is the energetic new year. Astrologists believes that the new year is in April when the zodiac begins. The Chinese New Year is February which aligns with the Luna calendar. The pattern is that there is an energetic shift no matter which date you select. Many celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or other celebrations that happen around this time of the year, and we cannot deny that there is an energetic shift during this time.  Even if you do not celebrate anything. If you want to become more insightful about your own patterns, look at the global patterns that occurring around you first. We reflect the global consciousness.  We are a micro reflection of what’s happening on the macro. I invite you all to sign up for the free 2024 predictions and group Meditation, which will take place on the 30th of December 2023 at 3 PM Los Angeles time. That will be Sunday the 31st if you are in Australia or New Zealand. I will go into this further. Please click the following link to Register. There will be a private zoom link for this event because we wish only those who are going to bring their attention and their beautiful energy to this event. If you are unable to attend but wish to do so, please register anyway, and send me a direct note and will make sure that you will get access to the recording before other people do.


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