Aware Meditation FEATURED in VivaGlam Magazine

Oct 05, 2020

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5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Meditation Practice

By Paula Newman,
Vedic Meditation Teacher, Celebrity Meditation Teacher and Founder of Aware Meditation

Edited by Brianne Nemiroff

Learning to meditate can be trying for many but those that maintain a regular practice may face an even tougher challenge – the Plateau. Whether you learned online, downloaded an app, or sought detailed instruction from a teacher, we have all faced difficulties. As a meditation teacher I have witnessed, experienced and found common solutions to this phenomena regardless of level or practice.

  If you are facing hesitation or resistance to your meditation practice, getting to the chair may become an outright struggle.  You may also find yourself cloaked in thoughts; “I am too tired to meditate,” “I’ll just take a nap”, “I don’t have time”, “I think I will...

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